1 how can one connect anita roddick

Even if you would have a choice, you are not expecting anything good; nothing exciting at all. We all know that God loves us and that He wants the very best for us no matter what. His desire for us is that we prosper in every area of our life. We want His will to come into our life because that is the very best for us.

1 how can one connect anita roddick

She is creative and she is really driven. Entrepreneurship is not about what is done but how its done. And she uses her possessed skills to max at all time in her company to make the best of it.

Its small measures like that that really makes me like her and her thinking. And by again small measurements she innovated an existing product to fulfill 2 purposes instead of just 1.

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The purpose to make your skin to feel soft and smell good, and the purpose to fulfill human need to be good to the environment.

And by innovating her product she made herself a lot different for her competitors. Analyse the entrepreneurial actions in the case material. How do these connect to the tools from the course? We could apply sarashvaty model on how business start, Anita work through a effectioation model.

She did no market research. She turned to herself and found a need. The need, not having to buy a big bottle of soup or an equivalent product if she only needed a small size bottle. This combined with her interest of natural raw materials that could be used as replacements for a equivalent product made by chemicals.

A combination which turned out to be an success. She was also right in ansoff matrix. Early she really focused on affordable loss and bootstrapping.

1 how can one connect anita roddick

She made the most of her pencies and made a thing out 3. Discuss the importance of resources for Anita. It sounds good in the ears of customers.

Other resources like human capital, she understand that she cant know everything, therefore she hires people who possesses the skills she lacks. What can others learn from her success young people, old people, men, women, immigrants, in different markets etc? She learned the importence of being flexible to adapt to he market.

How does Anita try to involve more women in the workplace? What type of ethical and environmental behaviour does The Body Shop engage in? Who does it really benefit? Save the resources of the world.

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1 how can one connect anita roddick

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This is the story of the Body Shop's Anita Roddick and the top 3 lessons that you can learn from her success. Must Watch Video "Whatever you do, be different.

Some issues for discussion: 1. How can one connect Anita Roddick and entrepreneurship? Her personal qualities match with the ones that are often said to be the most imported characteristics of an entrepreneur.

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