3m in the new millennium

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3m in the new millennium

September 1, Brought to you with support from The Museum at Prairiefirelocated 20 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri, is designed as a regional civic hub containing educational traveling exhibits from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

The project, designed by Boston-based museum architecture and planning firm Verner Johnsonwas inspired by one of the most unique aspects of the Kansas tallgrass prairie: These controlled fires, which can be traced back to Native Americans, suppress invasive plants that help rejuvenate native grasses, promoting plant and animal diversity.

The faceted nature of the building perimeter, paired with a unique material palette of dichroic glass and iridescent metal panels, produces a dynamic envelope that changes with varying environmental light conditions.

Jonathan Kharfen, Principal at Verner Johnson, said the concept to evoke fire was a core focus of the design team from very early on in the project.

The architects say this apparent lack of structure makes the Great Hall volume float, expand around corners, and dynamically engulf the visitor. This structure is employed as support for the building envelope which consists of a structural silicone glazed system SSG of fixed insulated glass units IGU and a stick-built insulated exterior wall with metal panel cladding.

Dichroic film is a transparent material that appears to change color when viewed from various angles. By faceting the plan geometry of the exterior walls, a wide range of color was achieved by one type of film. The film is laminated between two sheets of glass, which is placed into an IGU assembly.

The glass units are compositionally arranged within a standard flat seam cladding system of metal panels. The color effects of these panels are produced by an electrochemical reaction between stainless steel and chromium oxide which builds up the material to specific depths.

Ultimately, four different colors with various finishes were used on the project. The distribution of the tiles in a "paint-by-number" tiling pattern was determined by the architects well ahead of the final installation.

Bands of stone with specific percentages of color mixes helped to translate this concept into reality. The bottom 15 feet of wall shifts from limestone to an engineered stone product, which embeds into an undulating landscape that surrounds the building.

June 26, Faceted facade evokes regenerative prairie burns. For most projects, admits VernerJohnson 's Jonathan Kharfen, architects steer clear of evoking a potentially destructive force like fire.

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Because Prairiefire houses AMNH's traveling exhibits, its content is constantly changing, and thus provided little guidance in terms of an overarching design concept. Kharfen instead looked to the location. Coming from BostonI'd never seen anything like it.

Not long after landing on the fire metaphor, said Kharfen, "I knew of a couple of materials that would be perfect, because for me it's all about movement and light. The museum's sustainability goals—the project is targeting LEED Silver—dictated that the material would double as an insulating unit, the first such application in the United States.

But that presented an additional challenge, as products with the dichroic properties embedded in the glass itself would break the budget.

To lower costs, the architects collaborated with fabricator Goldray Industries to design an assembly incorporating dichroic film from 3M.

The solution turned out to be an aesthetic boon as well as a cost-cutter, as the film itself carries a flame-like pattern. For Kharfen, it was not enough that the materials themselves convey a sense of life and movement. His solution—a faceted curtain wall —upped the project's technical ante.

To avoid cluttering up the lobby space with columns, Kharfen worked with structural engineers Structural Engineering Associates to design a custom support system of stainless steel tubes fronted by angled mullions, to which the curtain wall is attached as a veneer.

To accommodate the 14 unique angles involved in the faceting, curtain wall manufacturer Kawneer developed a new adjustable mullion, a hinged plate with a degree range of movement.

3m in the new millennium

Given the museum 's ever-changing content, the architects treated the exhibit spaces as "black boxes," said Kharfen. Again, the referent is fire: Together, the stone-clad exhibit halls and the lobby curtain wall complete the picture of a prairie burn.

Speaking again of the dichroic glass, he concluded, "I cannot think of a material that looks more like fire than this glass.

SOFTlab collaborated with 3M and BBDO to create the pavilion, a continuous modular structure made from powder-coated aluminum pipes, which assembled within minutes. The easy-build structure was composed of over 1, unique 3D-printed joints and sockets with a rotating snap, so that even the proverbial monkey could rise to the occasion.

Overhead, more than 3, 3M cable ties were used to construct the display and bar elements, as well as the complex dichroic ceiling. Responsible for the phosphorescent glow of shifting color, like the inside of a soapy bubble, was the exterior clad in custom Scotchlite fabric held together with zippers—one of the only times the retroreflective material has been deployed on an architectural scale.

An all-white interior played up the colors even more, coated in a glossy white di-noc laminate, an architectural finish by 3M. Meanwhile, a dichroic film laminate on the acrylic cladding of each crystalline-shaped column added to the glimmering quality of the interior, and flooded the visitors in color.Sex dolls is the new black worldwide, and most people are paying so much to lay their hands on one.

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The Monument to the Millennium is a major arts exhibition involving the people of Dublin. Dubbed the Millennium Kaleidoscope, it will interpret life in Dublin in the year The storm over the finances of the Millennium Dome has claimed another casualty. Plans for a celebrity-packed closing party on New Year's Eve have been quietly dropped.

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