Asian carps harm to the ecosystem essay

Published by Congressional Research Service,www. Three species—bighead, silver, and black carp—are of particular note, based on the perceived degree of environmental concern. Current controversy relates to what measures might be necessary and sufficient to prevent movement of Asian carp from the Mississippi River drainage into the Great Lakes through the Chicago Area Waterway System.

Asian carps harm to the ecosystem essay

Scientists on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers use electric currents to stun fish so they can be scooped up and examined.

Asian carps harm to the ecosystem essay

Fish,Wildlife Service Asian Carp. What mix creates my personal balance changes over time and likely is not the same as how you find balance. Hopefully, if elements of my life become too demanding, I can adjust and put things back in order.

Ecosystems are like that. Sometimes deer populations may eat more this year than last — or several young trees die because of drought.

But somehow the ecosystem mends itself. It evolves with new plants and animals and finds new balance. The cardinals, the foxes and frogs make their way back to the garden.

But sometimes, balance is improbable because of a great shock to the system. Something essential is added, taken away or both: A prairie becomes an office building drastically changing the landscape; plants that fed deer and provided nesting places for birds vanish.

Most fish other than the Asian carp will die. The carp will eat the fish at the bottom of the food chain, leaving very little for other fish to eat. Also, Asian carp reproduce quickly and are exceptionally fast swimmers. Stay up-to-date with the latest news, stories and insider events.

Please enter a valid email address Oops, something went wrong! Please check your email for a welcome confirmation. Could we bring in a larger predator to eat the Asian carp?

Invasive species a threat to harm fish ecosystem

Unfortunately, the carp swim too fast and have the advantages I mentioned above. So a big predator fish would more likely eat the slow, easy-to-catch smaller fish rather than the carp. But the Chicago River, upstream of where the carp are seen further south in the Illinois River, is the most likely gateway to the Great Lakes.

Several state and federal agencies, municipalities, and other groups, under the umbrella of the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee, are doing what they can to prevent the carp from migrating north to Chicago. These measures include installing an electric barrier between the two rivers.

Rice indicates that the most effective solution currently advocated by several agencies, is to completely separate the Chicago River from the Illinois River.

So will separation happen? As with most projects of this scale, the decision is under consideration and will take time. According to a recent report by the Great Lakes Commission, Asian carp have been spotted as close as 5 miles away from Lake Michigan.Terrestrial ecosystem which is on the land and aquatic ecosystem which is under the water.

Over-breeding is the increase of offspring of a species to a excessive number. Over-breeding is the increase of offspring of a species to a excessive number.

Watch video · "Asian carp have the potential to decimate the waters we all love and depend upon, as well as our region’s $7-billion fishing and $billion boating industries," said U.S.


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Debbie Dingell. The Asian carp's anatomy makes it especially difficult to debone, but at least one Chicago restaurant has featured wild-caught Asian carp (which .

Essay about Freshwater Ecosystems. Introduction An aquatic ecosystem is an ecosystem takes place in a body of water, which has a community of organisms that depend upon each other to live and function.

Three major ecosystem functions are energy flow, nutrient cycling, and biodiversity. Nonfiction Reading Test Asian Carp Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Refer to the text to check your answers when appropriate. The United States has a lengthy history of going to war.

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It is a nation born from war. Pick any year since , and the odds of America being involved in at least one war is over 90%. “It would also harm the wellbeing of residents living close to such a unique natural resource.” While commercial fishing risks serious harm from Asian carp, recreational fishing, boating, wildlife viewing and the use of beaches and lakefronts could also be compromised.

Burmese Python and Other Invasive Species Wrecking the Ecosystem