Asian paints introduction

Randhirsinh Parmar Screening specific concentration of ingredients is difficult job while formulating a latex paint. It is the composition of binder and various ingredients such as pigments, coalescing agents, thickeners, surfactants, wetting agents, etc. The properties of paint are highly dependent upon the property of binder and its interactions with other ingredients. Rheology is one of the important property for paint, responsible for its performance during manufacture, storage and applications.

Asian paints introduction

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An Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting General Description ainwater harvesting is a technology used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, the land surface or rock catchments using simple techniques such as jars and pots as well as more complex techniques such as underground check dams.

The techniques usually found in Asia and Africa arise from practices employed by ancient civilizations within these regions and still serve as a major source of drinking water supply in rural areas.

Asian paints introduction

Commonly used systems are constructed of three principal components; namely, the catchment area, the collection device, and the conveyance system. A Catchment Areas Rooftop catchments: In the most basic form of this technology, rainwater is collected in simple vessels at the edge of the roof. As the rooftop is the main catchment area, the amount and quality of rainwater collected depends on the area and type of roofing material.

Reasonably pure rainwater can be collected from roofs constructed with galvanized corrugated iron, aluminium or asbestos cement sheets, tiles and slates, although thatched roofs tied with bamboo gutters and laid in proper slopes can produce almost the same amount of runoff less expensively Gould, However, the bamboo roofs are least suitable because of possible health hazards.

Similarly, roofs with metallic paint or other coatings are not recommended as they may impart tastes or colour to the collected water. Roof catchments should also be cleaned regularly to remove dust, leaves and bird droppings so as to maintain the quality of the product water see figure 1.

Rainwater harvesting using ground or land surface catchment areas is less complex way of collecting rainwater. It involves improving runoff capacity of the land surface through various techniques including collection of runoff with drain pipes and storage of collected water.

Compared to rooftop catchment techniques, ground catchment techniques provide more opportunity for collecting water from a larger surface area. By retaining the flows including flood flows of small creeks and streams in small storage reservoirs on surface or underground created by low cost e.

There is a possibility of high rates of water loss due to infiltration into the ground, and, because of the often marginal quality of the water collected, this technique is mainly suitable for storing water for agricultural purposes.

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Various techniques available for increasing the runoff within ground catchment areas involve: Clearing or altering vegetation cover: Clearing vegetation from the ground can increase surface runoff but also can induce more soil erosion.

Use of dense vegetation cover such as grass is usually suggested as it helps to both maintain an high rate of runoff and minimize soil erosion.

Steeper slopes can allow rapid runoff of rainfall to the collector. However, the rate of runoff has to be controlled to minimise soil erosion from the catchment field. Use of plastic sheets, asphalt or tiles along with slope can further increase efficiency by reducing both evaporative losses and soil erosion.

The use of flat sheets of galvanized iron with timber frames to prevent corrosion was recommended and constructed in the State of Victoria, Australia, about 65 years ago Kenyon, ; cited in UNEP, Soil compaction by physical means: This involves smoothing and compacting of soil surface using equipment such as graders and rollers.

To increase the surface runoff and minimize soil erosion rates, conservation bench terraces are constructed along a slope perpendicular to runoff flow.

The bench terraces are separated by the sloping collectors and provision is made for distributing the runoff evenly across the field strips as sheet flow.

Excess flows are routed to a lower collector and stored UNEP, Soil compaction by chemical treatments: In addition to clearing, shaping and compacting a catchment area, chemical applications with such soil treatments as sodium can significantly reduce the soil permeability.

Use of aqueous solutions of a silicone-water repellent is another technique for enhancing soil compaction technologies.View Heena Maheshwari’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Heena has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Heena’s connections and jobs at similar companies.

Asian Paints PPG offers a variety of road markings. These include hot applied retroreflective thermoplastic material, fast drying highly durable % acrylic retro-reflective water borne paints and conventional water / solvent based road marking paints.

A heavy equipment maintenance programme was introduced at Asian Paints to ensure safe working practices, eliminate injuries, maintain equipment efficiency, enhance productivity and .

Berger Paints is the second largest paint manufacturer company in the India with a consistent record of accomplishment of being one of the fastest growing paint companies, quarter . 1 Asian Paints Purchase Executive interview questions and 1 interview reviews.

Free interview details posted anonymously by Asian Paints interview candidates. Aptitude Written test & personal Interview. they will ask you to give your introduction in canteen, in front of all other candidate. call u at am, starts at 10 am. Introduction. The easiest and most rapid method for the application of protective coatings to large areas is spraying.

Spray application is preferred where a smooth uniform finish is desired and speed of production is important. Contact the Asian Paints representative for suitable recommendation of .

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