B2b email marketing case study

Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the few online marketing channels that has stood the test of time. One of the biggest trends in email marketing at the moment, that has generated great results for many B2B businesses, is marketing automation. Not sure what the fuss about marketing automation is? In short, marketing automation tools are effectively hybrid email marketing tools that connect with your CRM to enable you to automatically send highly targeted emails to leads that are personalised specifically to them.

B2b email marketing case study

It's different for opens and clicks. This is another one of the most frequently asked questions among marketers — what's the best day to send emails?

All our previous editions showed it to be Tuesday, but for the last two quarters the answer's not as straightforward.

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In terms of achieving the highest average open rates, Friday took the lead in the Q1 edition of our report. But if we're looking for the highest average click-throughs — after all this is the closest we can get when thinking of conversions — then Tuesday remains the best-performing day.

So as you can see, answering this question is never an easy task. It will always depend on the target audience you want to reach and how they behave. When do they have time to read and act upon your messages? Is it the same time every day?

Or does it vary from day to day?

B2b email marketing case study

It's hard to say. My gut feeling agrees that Tuesday should be the best day, as most of us have a lot of emails and projects to catch up with on Monday.

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Having cleared the inbox and planned out the whole week, by the time Tuesday arrives you should be able to check your messages and engage with the communication.

But again, it might be different for different people, especially during the holiday sales season when consumers more willingly spend time searching through their emails looking for great offers and gift ideas. Check if Tuesday's also the best for you or maybe it's Friday or Monday?

Don't just look at opens and clicks. Include conversion rates in your decision-making process as that's what you're really looking to improve. Michal Leszczynski Number of newsletters per week Copy linkCopied Just swipe to see the whole table of newsletters.A top priority for email marketing this year is to increase subscriber engagement, becoming even more important than segmentation, analysis and lifecycle messaging.

If you can increase subscriber engagement with every email you send, then you will increase sales, average revenue per customer and. A few of our favorite marketing case study examples: BrightEdge has produced a strong and straightforward case study that proves their product’s value with some bold charting.

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After giving some background, explaining the problem, and detailing the results in one page via text, the second half of this two page case study shows two up-and-to-the-right charts demonstrating how BrightEdge helped.

The marketing case study is one of the oldest and most venerable examples of content marketing. From Oprah touting how Weight Watchers has worked for her, to American Express endorsing SalesForce, case studies are prevalent across industries and marketing forms.. According to a B2B marketing trends report, customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective .

Does email marketing still work? You bet it does, and we've got the stats to prove it! To help guide your email strategy, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 35 useful email marketing statistics.

Keep these stats in mind when planning your next email marketing campaign. B2B Email Marketing Case Study We demonstrate how we improved email click-throughs for Groupon by A/B testing their email templates and broadcasting to our accurate email database.

The Background Groupon is the leading. Make case studies a part of your B2B inbound marketing strategy and fortify your sales teams’ arsenal, while at the same time reassuring your website visitors and potential customers, that choosing your business will lead to a successful outcome.

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