Call warrants in malaysia

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Call warrants in malaysia

It seems like a new one comes out every week. Let's say you're given a list of call warrants to choose from. How on Earth do you pick one out? I get asked about this often. Honestly it took me years to provide an answer other than "just buy the top volume one lah!

I'll use Hengyuan as an example. One dad, 18 children. All asking for your money.

Based on this, if you're stingy with your money like meyou'd probably gravitate towards the cheaper ones at the bottom - and you'd be partly right.

But there are still six that are reasonably priced between 18 sen and 32 sen. So you still need to filter your choices. I'll explain how I approach this problem, along with a few market quirks that may help you in your trading.

Note that I won't go into the technical details, but if you're interested in that, check out Macquarie's warrant website. You can adjust the profit target and timeline to your own preference.

I'm using my own for illustrative purposes. In other words, what are your specific targets? Any less and it's not worth my time and effort. Any more and it's an added bonus. The profit target represents the leveraged characteristics of call warrants; it's why you can boost your profits with a lower amount of capital.

Let's rule out CA to CG as they're nearing expiry. As at January 27, CG has 62 days left to expiry, but after discounting weekends it's much closer to I never trade call warrants with 60 days or less towards expiry.Use our live matrix to make trading warrants easy.

See where our bid prices for index and single stock structured warrants will be throughout the day. If u refer to the comment posted by teh above, yes, your call warrant can become trash paper which mean u lose all the money used to buy those call warrants earlier.

Call warrants in malaysia

I think they will be converted automatically at expiry date - If got positive, then they will pay u. Nov 01,  · There are 2 kinds of index warrants listed in Bursa Malaysia.

If you feel bullish on the market, you can look into the call warrants, and if you feel bearish on the market, you can on the other hand look into the put warrants. See today's top traded index and single stock structured warrants at Malaysia Warrants. Trading tools and stock market updates, all in one place.

Warrant Price; Conversion Ratio; No of Call Warrants; The calculator will automatically calculate Gearing, Premium, Cash Settlement & Profit/Loss for the Call Warrants. If you have any questions or comments kindly post in “How to Calculate Gearing, Premium & Cash Settlement for Call Warrants?” page.

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