Does australia need to choose between

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Does australia need to choose between

Any such analysis should include the following questions: Does the Alliance create more problems than it solves? What intelligence do we get from the US that would still be needed without the Alliance?

Summary The American alliance is an article of faith in Australia because it is said to underpin our security. Here I consider some of the questions that must be asked. Analysis Australians have always been afraid of standing on their own two feet.

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Britain was that protector until the British lion lost its teeth. We then turned to Uncle Sam, who is our current protector, but do we really need a protector?

Australia and Singapore are the only countries in our immediate region whose armed forces are externally oriented.

All the others in South-East Asia have a domestic capability directed primarily towards the suppression of internal unrest, although this also gives them a capability to defend themselves against foreign invasion. India is developing a bluewater navy that could project power beyond its borders and China has a growing capability to operate outside its borders.

North Korea is developing missiles that could reach South-East Asia. The only country capable of invading Australia, however, is the USA and not even the looniest lefty would suggest that they have any intention of attacking us.

Does australia need to choose between

There is, therefore, no current external threat to the Australian continent and it is hard to see one emerging in the foreseeable future. We do, however, also need to think about our lines of communication and trade with the outside world. The Pros So, the main argument for the alliance is based on the assumption that some currently unforeseen threat might emerge in the future which would require US intervention to protect us, either by coming to our aid directly or by providing a deterrent to a potential aggressor.

While some people believe that China poses a future threat to Australia, most do not. The second line of argument is that the US presence contributes to regional security and provides a balance to China and other potential hegemonic powers. It is said that most other countries in the region welcome this presence.

Stability in the region protects our lines of communication. The third benefit we get from the alliance is access to US intelligence, particularly technical capabilities, such as satellite imaging.

The Cons If we want the US cavalry to come thundering over the hill in our hour of need, then we must pay the premiums.

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Supporting US military adventures is the price we pay. Therefore, we have to keep reminding them that we are a loyal little ally deserving of their support.The Federal Register of Legislation (the Legislation Register) is the authorised whole-of-government website for Commonwealth legislation and related documents.

ASIO's Business and Government Liaison Unit provides security advice to Australian businesses. Express Freight Depot-to-Depot is a road express service available to and from set destinations across Australia, depot to depot.

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This means you will be required to drop off your consignment to any of the selected locations across Australia. Frequently Asked Questions.


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ANZUS does not require the US to defend Australia if we are attacked, only to think about it. Therefore, we have to keep reminding them that we are a loyal little ally deserving of their support.

The alliance has got us into Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, none of which, arguably, has done us much good.

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