Employee motivation theories essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? To understand what factors influence motivation we need to understand the research and theories developed to define and explain motivation.

Employee motivation theories essay

Try to change the efforts of the comparison person. How fairly and equitably people see the practices of their workplace at the time. Every employees motivation is a multiplicative function of valence, expectancy and instrumentality.

Goal seeking theory motivation was developed by Edwin A. Goal setting The process Employee motivation theories essay developing, negotiating, and formalizing the targets or objectives that a person is responsible for accomplishing.

Difficult goals are leading to more efficient and lasting performance than low goals. Specific goals are leading to a slightly raising performance than vague or giving ourselves a general goal. Feedback more likely task feedback is motivating people to produce a higher performance by setting of higher performance and more sophisticated goals.

Goals are leading to higher performance when people have the abilities and the feelings of self-efficacy required to accomplish them. Goals are motivating people toward higher performance when they are accepted by the individual, and there is commitment ot them.

Management by objectives MBO Process of joint goal setting between a supervisor and a subordinate. Firstly I would like to briefly introduce the Apple company and then their standards in staff motivation in progress.

Steve Jobs died in He was the main engine of Apple Inc. Even though he had a cancer he was a fighter and solver. Apple shows the world its greatness for a period of time now.

They are leading electronics market worldwide. And firstly I might want to point out the negative part of suppliers behaviour. Particulary in China-Chenzen there is a supplier of many electronic selling brands called Foxconn.

Foxconn employs about And the suicide rate is about 60 employees per year. That is alarming number. While the economy is flowishing they expand to other socialy low parts of China or India. Employees at Foxconn for example are 12 old children that work from 12 to 16 hours a day.

So in Apple Inc. Foxconn was mentioned as an problem facility that has to take steps forward to eliminate unethical behaviour. Apple wants his suppliers to set the working hours to 60 hours in 6 days that makes maximum of 10 hours a day.

So that was the negative experience I have with Apple impact on ethical behaviour of the coutrnies of third world. I studied Apple Inc. I made many eassays and reports about their business and internal functions like staff motivation, appreciation, development.

Mainly Apple was built and carried through the rough times by legendary messiah Steve Jobs. Now its Tim Cooks turn to take over the vessel and head for the goals of the number one company in the world. If you look at apples employee motivation culture you can see that the theory of goal seeking took place here as a main push factor.

The pull factor was the internal share sale for employees. Employees could buy shares for the lowest price given by apple. This is ment as a kind of benefit, bonus, incentive.

Employee motivation theories essay

Apple is mainly working on the management by objectives management and goal seeking theory. They give their employees the feeling of higher good. They give them a purpose to proceed to better performance.

Often in Apple Inc. So employees even though they didnt know Steve but only their supervisors were scared of him, because of his changing behaviour.

There are many operating teams that are working on the same things without knowing it. Thats the main advantage of motivating them. They solve the problem, but other team solved it in a better way. Their motivation rises because of competition made betweens those teams.Employee Motivation Motivation is an important aspect in many organizations.

In our organization motivation is a key to the success. When evaluating administrative staff, sales people, and production workers, each department works well utilizing different theories.

Employee Motivation and Performance Question 1: Employee Motivation and Performance “Academic theories about employee motivation, empowerment and performance are just that - theories. Employee Motivation - Theory and Practice What is motivation? Motivation is difficult to explain and even harder to 'turn on' in people.

Webster defines motivation as?an act or process of motivating; the condition of being motivated; a force, stimulus, or influence: incentive or drive? (?Motivation?). The purpose of this assessment is to describe the common theories of employee motivation and also practical ways of motivating employees in an organization regardless of the culture.

One of the basic theories of employee motivation is the scientific management whose basis is considering employees as an input to the production of goods and services. Essay on Motivation. As a result, Employee’s motivation management is significantly for companies.

Motivation is a cognitive process to guide, initiate, direct and maintain goal-oriented activities. There are several motivation theories; this essay will briefly explain six major theories of motivation and discuss three of the theories.

Essay on the Theories of Motivation: Human behaviour, being complex in terms of needs-behaviour-action process, different motivational theories emphasise on these elements in a different perspective.

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