Ideal citizen in the superhero movies

There are way too many superhero movies. That means there are plenty of films to consider when it comes to choosing the best of the bunch. Here are the 21 best films in the genre, from cult hits to must-watch classics.

Ideal citizen in the superhero movies

The summer movie season is coming to an end and guesses who the winner is? Quite a lot of them shattered box-office records. It has been noticed that there have been around 50 superhero movies since and it seems that the superhero movies is prevailing the current movie industry Hughes, In these movies, the protagonists are typically individuals who possess superhuman abilities which enable them to make affirmative or negative use of them.

Hence, there are saviors and evils at the same time. The mass cheer for the saviors because they are powerful and philanthropic, dedicating to protecting the public, regardless of dangers meanwhile despising the devils and promising not to be one of them. Surely, people love positive characters, but whether these superhero movies represent an ideal citizen in our society?

Since these superhero movies mainly come from comic books and animations, they are some kind of reflection of the minds and the real world. There are several elements behind this kind of thriving of superhero movies if I may say. Psychologically, people see it as a chance to escape from a world of frustration, deception and insecurity.

Technically, thanks to all kinds of advanced technology, like the Computer Graphics Interfaces, the vivid figures based on the comic books and animations are proved possible and affordable!

There should be more reasons behind this considerable presence of superheroes in our society. The first element, the urge to escape or to retreat from the relentless real world, is the most important one, from my point of view.

Socially, people have to confront all those tasks in daily life and what is worse is that current years, the situation turns to be complicated. The instability of the financial market, which directly results in the lessening income and loss of jobs, has made people feel gloomy.

And in the aspect of security, the terrorism activities and political turmoil are on the rise, for example the Somali pirates taking hostages, the riots in Egypt and Syria,etc.

The reality is way more serious than we could image. The world calls for love, peace and stability. In this case, indulging into superhero movies is a better escape, in which the superheroes act vigilantly and seek for justice.

Watching superhero movies gives people a chance to relax and imagine that they could be the life saver or there must be someone out there to save them out of their miserable life.

This is a kind of escapism. People escape from the brutal world to seek for an ideal figure, a hope-inspiring figure to cheer themselves up, to give them hope.

Because in their minds the ideal citizen in the society should be philanthropic, brave and credible and they are living in a society that is full of love,peace,safty and freedom. So are those superheroes ideal in our society? Are they that we are calling for? Boys want to be superheroes and be strong and powerful.

They also want muscular figures, fancying that they could move smoothly like he does. Due to the influence of these superhero movies, children value those abilities and characters presenting in the movies F. However, in real terms, most of they just wear shirts printed with images of spider-man and sit in front of the screen, eating potato chips and popcorns and feeling good about it.

Have they changed or have they even tried to behave like a hero afterwards? The answer probably is no. It is just a method to relax, to let people feel good about themselves.

Out of the cinemas, they probably forget about those heroic deeds and get back to the cruel real world.Mike Colter Threw the Jab That's Changing the Superhero Genre. The star explains Marvel's Luke Cage Season Two's shocking ending, and how the show and Black Panther are leading Marvel's future.

The three most vital (and indispensable) traits a superhero must possess are: #1: Extraordinary powers and This page may be out of date. Save your draft before What character traits does a super hero have?

How many can you name?

Ideal citizen in the superhero movies

Update Depends on the type of hero cause from the stereotypes from movies I can think of several general. The best superhero movie performances take what's on the comic book page and add another layer to it on the screen.

Ideal citizen in the superhero movies

We looked at the best performances in superhero movies to determine the top Jun 02,  · That’s because nearly all superhero movies glorify wealth (and the freedom it provides), aristocracy and/or monarchy, militarism, unilateralism, and right-wing fantasies about criminality.

Jul 03,  · Yes. Fontaine is my favorite. The costume design makes the character very elegant, graceful and feminine. In my opinion, Hitomi Fujiwara is the best actress for this character so far.

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The 10 best, and 10 worst, superhero movies ever. was not a .

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