Math 104 184 midterm 2 2012w

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Math 104 184 midterm 2 2012w

Page last updated December 14, A note about use: Some of these could be printed and copied and directly and reused, others could be recreated by hand in a short time and adjusted as necessary. Having perfect digital versions is not the idea; rather, these are intended as a basis for creating worksheets tailored to particular class situations.

Designing and coming up with ideas and examples is the longer part; producing a worksheet by hand can be done relatively quickly and still be or acceptable quality for classroom use.

Indeed, handwritten items can be more suitable in many cases as they given a clearer model of expert work what graph sketches look like, what notation is used and how, etc. These worksheets can be handed in and checked for progress by a grading TA.

Note that the work is reduced if students are required to work in groups of 2 or 3. Try to keep any worksheet or portion that will be handed in on a single sheet - this is much better to deal with logistically and the sheets can be photocopied for the grader and still handed back to students the very next class with solutions posted online.

It is important for students to get a chance to work on these without knowing they will get the answer very soon which can short-circuit their effort and lead to them just waiting for the answer all the time.

You can also promote their working by circulating all around the room. Also, it will usually take them longer to do the work than you might expect; remember that in many cases this material is still fairly fresh, and they will not be as quick as on an exam.

The purpose and value of things like in-class work and group discussion must be stressed early and repeated during the course to keep students on track.

Math 104 184 midterm 2 2012w

Gets students to remember some of these ideas and to see the terminology if they are not familiar with it. Can be run as a structured class time worksheet: Along with the accompanying course notes, it introduces the key business terms for the course. This sample problem also has a fair bit of the analysis that will later be applied in the less linear cases.

Also useful for comparison with the Paint Store if available. Can also add to the task by defining continuity on an interval and having students distinguish between that and point continuity for the given graphed functions.

The back Q3 is a common exam-style question with a piecewise-defined function. Naturally goes with the picture explanation of what is going on. The difference between use of parameter a and a specific input value like 1 is the point of the bottom right. Q2 gives the picture for a nondifferentiable point often not shown as an example which also matches up with a similar webwork problem.

Q3 is just a way of checking how many rules students are already familiar with, before introducing them in the course most student have had calculus before, and mechanical use of several derivative rules is often known well.

Few students with a previous calculus course remember this connection by the time they get to Math The second page has some practice drawing derivatives of functions with given graphs definitely takes more time to get to in class.

This worksheet is intended to refine the idea for them and have them work with some examples including derivative expressions that involve parameters the distinction between variable and parameter is sometimes clearer when a derivative is involved.

With enough time allocated, it also gives some practice at parameters in piecewise-defined functions common on exams and webwork.Math Real Analysis, Spring Basic Information.

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Nov 28,  · CHAPTER 4: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS Definition of Function A function from one set X to another set Y is a rule that assigns each element in X to one element in Y. Notation If f denotes a function from X to Y, we write Domain and range X is known as the domain of f and Y the range of f.

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Math Practice Midterm 3 RyanBlair University ofPennsylvania TuesdayApril23, RyanBlair (UPenn) Math PracticeMidterm3 TuesdayApril23, 1/11 spring and fall as your practice finals RyanBlair (UPenn) Math PracticeMidterm3 TuesdayApril23, 3/ 2 (kn)!

RyanBlair (UPenn) Math PracticeMidterm3. Not used in W Math (replaced by diagnostic quiz), but if enough time is available this is another example of piecewise linear functions (with sensible real-world appliction) and makes for a good discussion of the different between the tax owed (increasing, continuous function) and the tax rate (series of horizontal line segments) as a.

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Mathematics Important Results and Formulae Chapter - i Applications Of. Solution Set 7. Maxima and Minima. Optimization of Maxima and Minima. Eng 9 Absolute Extrema. _MATHP8-R0.

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