Multidivisional structure of sony

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Multidivisional structure of sony

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Structure, Culture, and the Future of Organization Essay Sample Key Points Basically, the article is an evolutionary psychology paper that provides information necessary in dealing with organizations and its important aspects including organizational structure and size, culture, diversity, impact of technology on organizations and leadership.

The main point of the author is that unlike the lower forms of animals e. As such, there are factors that must be considered to be able to create an organization, in a business context. Organizational structure and size were mentioned to be important factors. According to the author, the bigger the size of an organization, the harder it is to manage and the harder it is to build a strong culture.

However, growth in size is a sign of success; that is, as a company expands, for instance engaged in operations at various countries, it also create a stronger brand or identity thus organizations find ways to address the conflicts and issues that arise regarding the size of the organization.

Restructuring an organization usually happens when an organization become bigger. Some organization opted to have a decentralized structure while others go for the matrix structure. However, no matter how decentralized of cross-functional an organization may seem, it was emphasize that hierarchy always exists.

To some extent, some organizations return to being centralized as an organization needed to have a standardized products, quality or services. Generally, the structure of an organization depends upon the nature and objectives of the business as well as the leaders who implement it. There are companies who have become successful with matrix type of structure despite of the disadvantages the author mentioned in the article.

The author also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages that technology can bring to the organization.

However, despite of the disadvantages he mentioned such as deprivation of experiences and stimulation, cultural cloning and the trap of selective association, technology and its products such as e-business and the Internet are seen as an important tool for most if not all business organizations today that some businesses e.

Multidivisional Organizational Structure | Bizfluent

Dell have become highly reliant on technology and that such disadvantages are almost negligible. For instance, small and medium businesses like e-Bay gained opportunity to expand in terms of market size and size of the organization primarily due to technology.

Another factors to consider in human organization is culture. Culture reflects the quality of an organization as a community in which people would like to work for. Commonly, people find satisfaction and motivation when working with other people with basically the same value, skills and knowledge as they are.

Multidivisional structure of sony

However, in reality, people have to deal with diversity as an organization needs to employ different kinds of people with different skills and level of intelligence. Based on the principles of evolutionary psychology, the author suggests the ingredients that are important in addressing diversity and creating an organization a healthy community.

Generally, what the author suggest is a kind of culture which ideally makes up a healthy organization. An essential part of a culture is the kind of leadership that exists within an organization.

That is, the structure and the culture of an organization will only be effective with the implementation of good leaders whose primary responsibility is to create an effective structure and communicate the culture of the organization in order to sustain the health of an organization.

At the end of article, the author provides a forecast of some of the things that will not change in the future despite of the changes in the environment of an organization. He also concluded that the principles in evolutionary psychology can help provide ideas in sustaining quality organizations.

Generally, the article is very informational and is highly organized although the ideas incorporated in the article are mostly the authors own ideas which can be based on wide readings, observations, personal understandings and experiences, and comprehensive studies.

However, the article is too wordy and not straight to the point unlike other business articles from peer-reviewed journals which are straightforward and use various secondary sources.

The company started in by an engineer named Masaru Ibuka with a big help from Akio Morita.Organizational structure – Structure follows caninariojana.come and Strategic Leadership The influence of the founder – Initial cultural values and management style is imprinted on the organization by its founder.

A network organizational structure refers to a system of delegating and coordinating tasks among a number of partner companies or business entities with a common goal of producing a specific product.

This arrangement gives a company the chance to collaborate with other related business entities to.

Companies in food, oil, automobiles, household electrical and other endurable consumer goods developed dramatically in the post-war period. There were only two concerns in oil, one in automobiles, and one in household electricals among the largest . The report is an evaluation of the organization structure implemented by Sir Howard Stringer in October The transition of Sony’s organization structure from Transnational structural to multidivisional structure has been analyzed in detail.

Professor David Besanko is the Alvin J. Huss Distinguished Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Besanko is a Kellogg graduate, having received his PhD in Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences in He received his AB in Political Science from Ohio University in In doing so, he also analyzes the role of the multidivisional structure and the performance plan in the creation of slack, and the distortion of information that accompanies it.

A challenging study for organizational behavior theorists and for organization planners and .

Alfred Chandler, Jr.: Harvard Business Historian, dead at 88 | History News Network