Solution of strategic marketing problems chapter 2 question 5

Decision Matrix Analysis is particularly helpful for bringing together financial and non-financial decision criteria. It helps you weight individual decision criteria, and consider subjective features - like team fit and the likelihood of team buy-in - as well as objective, tangible factors like cost and return on investment.

Solution of strategic marketing problems chapter 2 question 5

Posted on February 6, by Ted Galpin This is a guilty pleasure.

Solution of strategic marketing problems chapter 2 question 5

Yes, I have read far too many books, and a star wars fan, and spend too much time on Quora. Honestly, this is just an illustrative exercise in assessment and investigation scenarios and options. At first Glance, it would seem that anything vs the Death Star is no contest.

But a little bit of Sun Tzu, run the numbers, look at lines of sight, assess the leadership and how they do what they do. The first draft was on Quora a while back: But he will have to use every dirty trick and unconventional tactic and tool at his disposal, because a stand-up fight against the Death Star is suicide.

You could go into a pretty rigorous debate between legends and the Disney canon. But the net assessment is pretty simple: The highest ranking Political leader under the Emperor.

Reasonable tactician and strategist as shown in the movies and clone war TV series. Tarkin is reliable, loyal, has no love for the Jedi, and gets results.

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But Even in the Clone Wars series, it was established that Tarkin was not as good at tactics or strategy as Anakin. In Star Wars Legends is remarkably smart, resourceful, and creative — takes on and beats Jedi.

But is older and more experienced than he is in Disney Rebels. But only 26, Storm Troopers. Death Star can only fire like one full power shot a day, maybe a few lower power shots. Makes it more interesting. But Basically, the Star Destroyers have a hundred plus weapons, 72 fighters each, just shy of 50, people including 9, plus Stormtroopers.

By Comparison, the Star Destroyers are small, fast, and nimble.

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Death Star is able to fire 6 shots quickly to destroy Star Destroyers in range, and will not miss Honestly the Star Destroyers should get a dodge.

Have human spies sabotage the power supply, then take it by force. Have droid spies sabotage the power supply, then take it by force. Have Slicers Hackers sabotage the power supply, life support, weapons, etc, and take it by force. Have Saboteurs hyperspace jump the Death Star into a planet, moon, or star.

Have Assassins kill Grand Moff Tarkin. A million people consume plenty of food, clothing, etc. There has to be constant cargo traffic to sustain a city of a million people living in the Death Star, and that gives Thrawn an opening to use asymmetrical warfare.

And the closer you get, the curve of the sphere works against the defenders. Given the height of towers, the curvature of the surface, once you are on the surface, assuming the weapons are essentially evenly distributed across the Death Star… When you are on the surface at any given time probably only a few hundred of those towers can actually see and engage you.

Math — with 80 km Radius — the Surface area is about 80, square km — 20, weapons, roughly one weapon per 4 sq km, or roughly a weapon every kilometer.

Depending on what you guess for tower height, for something the size of a Star Destroyer VERY close to the surface, roughly every tower for 25 km will have a line of sight to engage.Examine strategic management with the market-leading text that sets the standard for the most intellectually rich, practical analysis of strategic management.

Source: Aaker (), Chapter 2, p An external analysis can contribute to strategy indirectly by identifying: threats and opportunities; strategic uncertainties that could affect strategy outcomes. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 4.

Solution of strategic marketing problems chapter 2 question 5

Chapter 3 6. Chapter 4 8. Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 1. Question Number Answer Level . Strategic Analysis Tools Topic Gateway Series 1 Strategic Analysis Tools 1.

The tool must help to answer the question that the organisation has asked. 2. The expected benefit of using the tool needs to be defined and it must be 5 One of the key skills of a strategic analyst is in .

Suggested Answer: Solution selling approaches buyers from a solutions-to-problems approach rather than a product-purchase approach.

Three forms include: (1) solutions to enhance customer revenues, (2) solutions to decrease customer risks, and (3) solutions to reduce customer costs. Chapter 3: Strategic Planning The Value Proposition Components of the Strategic Planning Process Organizing the channel. Vertical marketing systems have emerged as a solution to the problems of conventional networks.

A vertical marketing system (VMS) comes about when a member of the distribution channel (usually the manufacturer.

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