The ethics of video games

From what I have seen, this is a vaguely debated topic in the everyday news of our modern society. What one will usually hear about in the news is of the political and diplomatic disorders in the world. Only recently, as in the last 5 years, the media has become aware of the situation surrounding gaming violence and addiction.

The ethics of video games

However, games involving moral choice have not yet been fully considered.

The ethics of video games

In this study, 83 players were randomly assigned to one of three moral choice game scenarios. However, those who made the good choice and those who made the evil choice enjoyed the game equally.

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Citation Author Bio Shafer, D. Moral Choice in Video Games: His research interests include media psychology, video game enjoyment, and morality in entertainment media, as well as effects of new communication technology.

His articles have appeared in Mass Communication and Society and Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments. He received his doctorate from Florida State University. Games such as Mass Effect Bioware, and Fallout 3 Bethesda, require players to choose between actions that can impact their standing with non-player characters NPCs and affect the skills and abilities they can use Schulzke, Recently, issues of morality in games have caught the attention of the public, the media, and a few scholars.

Consider the controversy surrounding the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Heining, However, what the discussion and controversy fail to address is the entertainment value of games with moral choices built in, and the implications of playing these types of games.

Empirical, data-driven research on this issue are few, limited to two or three studies e.

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Players do this, the authors argue, in order to perpetuate their enjoyment of said games Klimmt et al. However, the moral management perspective does not consider games where a player is offered a choice between two or more courses of action.

Games with such choices are becoming more popular, especially in the role-playing game genre e. New Vegas, Skyrim, and Star Wars: Therefore, this article addresses the following two questions.

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And second, are there differences in enjoyment based on the moral choice one makes in a videogame? The possible implications of long-term play of moral choice games will also be discussed.

By situating games in the ethics discourse and of game development choices, design possibilities, and posing them as space for the practice of ethics and ethical distribution methods. thinking, games can be both a versatile site of study and Henry Jenkins, in the MacArthur Foundation Whitepaper, unique window into culture and humanity. Computer Game Ethics is an emerging area of study that deals largely with the question of what actions are morally acceptable in different games and whether those actions that are deemed unacceptable are standard throughout all games. The Ethics Of Violent Videogames. Ah, videogames. Entertaining pastime or life-destroying, society-wrecking tool of Satan himself? Seems to depend a lot on who you ask. The game was violent, there was blood, there was animated death scenes for each monster and quite a variety of weapons with which to dispatch said monsters. It .

Morality and Video games Moral considerations in video games have been under academic scrutiny for several years. Schulzke presented a philosophical discussion of how moral choice has recently become more popular and more expertly presented in video games such as the Fallout series Schulzke, Fallout 3, for instance, allows for moral choices such as destroying a town to get an apartment and a sizable monetary reward; or saving the town in order to preserve innocent lives.

The reward is then a shack in town and a lesser sum of cash. Other choices involve shaking down a drug addict for money or just killing her and robbing the corpse; or selling a number of rare soft drinks to a man in a town who hopes to trade them for sex, or just giving them to his target directly for less money.

On a larger scale, many quests allow for a peaceful or violent resolution — however the peaceful solutions sometimes involve lying, computer hacking, theft, or breaking and entering Bethesda, Video games producers need to take into account the damage that their video games will cause to their clients.

3. People need to take into account, hen buying a video game, if they contain violence or sex. Apr 10,  · The basic broad definition of a “game” is an activity with set rules decided by skills, strength/knowledge or luck.

Eventually, it would become digitized and become what today is known as video games to players.


The concept that interactive games can be used for more than mere entertainment, even as a tool for positive change, is looking like the next big thing. As for the ethics involved, Shaw believes that any talk of ethical game design should focus on economic exploitation and not game design decisions.

"Do video game designers want people to play. The Ethics of Role-Playing Video Games Connecticut College Philosophy Honors Thesis Riordan Frost ʼ10 Abstract In this project, I explore the ethics of interactive role-playing video games. Meanwhile, the average young person racks up 10, hours playing video games by the age of 21, only slightly less than the time they spend in secondary education.

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