The wars that have changed the world

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The wars that have changed the world

Seventeen million people died during the four year war between the Allies — made up of the U. The conflict initially began after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in Serbia by Serbian nationalists. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in response to the assassination, causing Russia to mobilize its army in support of Serbia.

Germany, an ally of Austria-Hungary, then declared war on Russia and France. Soon, the major powers were aligned against each other, turning the conflict into a major world war.

More than four million Americans fought in the war. Of these,died andwere wounded.


The war was notable for using more advanced industrial technology than any previous war, leading to high numbers of casualties. After the fighting ended, the maps of Europe and the Middle East looked drastically different.

The Russian, Austro-Hungarian and German empires collapsed, and their former territories formed many modern-day European nations. Economic and political struggles in Russia during the war gave rise to the Russian Revolution inwhich led to the creation of the Soviet Union under Vladimir Lenin.

In addition, the Ottoman Empire, which had joined the Central Powers, dissolved completely after the war and formed the modern-day nation states of the Middle East. Some of the borders that formed at this time are still in today. The war also had major effects on the home front. During the war, women joined the work force in greater numbers than ever before, helping create a momentum which led to the legalization of female suffrage under the 19th Amendment in Warm up questions What were some initial causes of World War I?

What major empires existed at the beginning of World War I?

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Discussion questions What challenges did women face as the war took men from their communities? Would a draft ever happen in the U. Why or why not? Writing prompt Check out this pre-war and this post-war map. What are some key differences between these maps?

How could these new borders have contributed to modern-day conflicts in the Middle East? Think in particular about Afghanistan; Iraq and Syria, which formed from parts of the former Ottoman Empire; and Ukrainewhich was a part of the Russian Empire.

Consider current events in these areas and how they may relate to the after-effects of World War I.World's top ten biggest wars in the history of all time that shock the human mankind.

History has always created a great legend from the biggest war. One doesn't have to look much further than a photo album to see that cameras are one of the great inventions that changed the world. during the American Civil War. As the tech continued to. Web War I changed the face of NATO, it changed the minds of European powers, and it changed the fighting stance of a world that was caught totally off guard by these attacks.

The World Wars is a three-part, six-hour event miniseries by the History Channel that premiered on Monday, May 26, , (Memorial Day) airing for three consecutive nights. An extended version of the series, divided into six episodes with never before seen footage, was subsequently broadcast on H2 and in more than countries on June 22, The Machine That Changed the World: The Story of Lean Production-- Toyota's Secret Weapon in the Global Car Wars That Is Now Revolutionizing World Industry - Kindle edition by James P.

Womack, Daniel T. Jones.

The wars that have changed the world

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