To build a fire essay conclusion

Is a reasonable solution to the problem. Can stand up to possible objections. Is better than other solutions. Conclusion Your conclusion will be one or more paragraphs.

To build a fire essay conclusion

Themes Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in To Build a Fire, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. He is a solitary hiker. There is no sun in the clear sky, as this northern part of Canada has not seen daylight in several days at this time of year.

To build a fire essay conclusion

The whiteness of the land, covered in ice and snow, is broken only by the trail which leads miles south and 1, north all the way to the Bering Sea. The landscape has no effect on the man, despite the fact that it is new to him. The setting of the story in the extreme cold of the largely uninhabited Yukon establishes the thematic role nature will play from the beginning.

Nature is awe-inspiring—extremely cold and stark—and also terrible in its indifference to individual human life. The man is competent and resourceful, but practical, uninterested in the meanings behind things. A temperature of fifty degrees below zero does not encourage the man to imagine his own weakness, the possibilities of life after death, or the meaning of life.

Cold simply means discomfort, to him. He is also confident in his survival skills, which rely on man-made resources, and not natural abilities. Active Themes As the man walks, he spits, only to discover that the liquid from his mouth freezes in the air as it falls.

He assumes from this that the temperature is colder than fifty degrees below zero. The man is hiking alone toward Henderson Camp to meet the boys, his traveling companions.

The boys represent civilization and protection from nature. The man is alone in nature, which is dangerous. His freezing spit should reinforce this danger, but the man, because of his limited imagination, overlooks the risks and consequences of such extreme cold.

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The side trail he travels on is not well-marked. He acknowledges as he walks that it is truly cold. His beard does not protect his nose or the upper part of his face sufficiently. These details bring the situation to life. The man is a generic figure and many of the details in the story invite the reader to imagine him or herself in these conditions.

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A large wolf dog accompanies the man. The dog is made anxious by the cold, knowing instinctively that in such weather it is safer to hide and wait out the cold.

Although neither man nor dog is aware, the temperature of the day is seventy-five degrees below zero. The dog watches the man carefully, expecting him to go into camp or seek shelter and build a fire.

The dog looks to the man as the source of fire, and it desires that protective warmth. The dog is a key figure because it represents everything that the man is not: Active Themes Both the fur of the dog and the facial hair of the man are frosted from their warm breath freezing.

The path follows Henderson Creek. The man is walking at four miles per hour and predicts his arrival at a place to eat lunch at half-past twelve.

The man and the dog, although different, are both impacted by the extreme conditions.

To Build a Fire, Jack London - Essay -

He is as disinterested in nature as it is in him. Active Themes The man and the dog walk along the frozen creek. The man is not a thinker and so he walks with few thoughts and reflections. He thinks only of his plan for lunch and of his arrival at the camp in the evening.

Occasionally, he reflects on the cold, realizing that he has never experienced such extreme temperatures before. He rubs his face as he walks, but the skin instantly returns to its numb state once he stops.

He wishes for a guard to more fully cover his nose and face from the cold. But, he reflects, a little frost is, at most, painful, never dangerous. The man is not intelligent, despite being practical and resourceful.


His quickly freezing face shows that he is not prepared for these extreme conditions, and yet he overlooks this warning sign, yet again. This is an example of an error that the man makes which contributes to his demise.LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in To Build a Fire, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

To build a fire essay conclusion

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To Build a Fire Jack Thurman Prof Cole Bellamy Week 3 In "To Build a Fire" by Jack London, the setting plays a significant role throughout the entire short story. Jack London uses certain techniques to establish the atmosphere of the story. To build a fire essay conclusion.

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